“Adorable Pooch Surprises Veterinarians with a Bundle of Little Ones”

Wow, the number of dogs in that shelter kept increasing! It was a real problem for a little terrier in rural Kentucky who was expecting to give birth soon. The shelter was already overcrowded, and if the terrier had her litter there, it would be too much for them to handle. Fortunately, the Kentucky Humane Society veterinarians were alerted to the situation and quickly came to the rescue. Just in time, as the terrier had a huge litter of puppies on the way.

woman with pregnant dog

The Kentucky Humane Society’s Facebook page recently shared an update about an adorable dog named Momma Malone. According to the post, the veterinary team who examined her found that she would need to give birth via a C-section. Dr. Emily Bewley, who delivered the puppies, expressed both excitement and concern, but was grateful that the Kentucky Humane Society could provide a safe environment for the deliveries.

pregnant dog

The Kentucky Humane Society had the pleasure of hosting Momma Malone during her final days of pregnancy. Dr. Bewley, who was caring for her, anticipated a large litter and ensured that all veterinary staff were ready to assist her safely. To ensure Momma Malone’s comfort during transportation, Dr. Bewley’s son sat with her in the back of the car. The veterinary team at the shelter was also alerted, and preparations were made for the birth of the puppies. After arriving at the shelter, the surgery took only 20 minutes, and everyone was delighted to see the new family. While small dogs typically give birth to two to five puppies, Momma Malone surprised everyone by delivering nine adorable puppies.

doctors with puppies

Initially, there were concerns amongst the veterinarians at Kentucky Humane Society that Momma Malone might not be able to bond with her puppies due to the difficult delivery. However, they were delighted to see that she had no issues at all and was clearly very fond of her new babies. The doctors were impressed by how well she adapted to motherhood despite it being her first time. Dr. Bewley noted that she took care of everyone with great attention and care.

dog with puppies

The Kentucky Humane Society is currently hosting Momma Malone and her adorable puppies until March. They are patiently waiting for their forever homes. Despite surviving a crowded shelter and pregnancy, this tenacious terrier has proven to be remarkably resilient. She now enjoys snuggling with her nine adorable babies in bed.

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