“Emotional Moment as Dog’s Lifelong Tumor is Removed, Bringing Tears to His Eyes”

As per The Penguin, Nina was welcomed into the Wright Manner Rescue as a result of a cruelty confiscation in North Memphis when she arrived in late November.

A massive 13-pound tumor was protruding from her abdominal area, accompanied by two smaller growths along her left mammary chain.

The poor dog was underweight, suffering from a high fever, and had a nasty skin infection on her hindquarters and tail. Preparing her for surgery was a stressful experience, as every passing day raised the risk of the tumor bursting.

Although time-consuming, it was crucial to consult with the appropriate veterinary experts and complete all necessary testing and pre-surgical procedures before proceeding. Additionally, the doctors had to ensure that she was of an appropriate weight to withstand the effects of anesthesia.

The goal was to improve her chances of surviving a high-risk surgery that would involve significant blood loss and had a higher than average chance of mortality. Luckily, the efforts paid off!

Nina underwent a major surgery on December 8th and emerged from it successfully.

After recovering from the surgical procedure, she was taken to one of the amazing medical foster homes at Wright-Manner. Since then, she has been thriving and doing well.

The results of the biopsy conducted after surgery showed that the smaller tumors were non-cancerous, while the larger one turned out to be a type of cancer called soft tissue sarcoma. This was not entirely surprising considering its size.

All signs suggest that Nina is well on her way to a full recovery, and before long she’ll be ready to find her forever home. It’s great news that Nina has a loving family who are taking care of her and showing her plenty of affection.

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