“Unstoppable: The Inspiring Story of a Front-Legged Dog and the Unwavering Love of its Owner”

A lovable canine that was deserted and left to perish has managed to master the art of walking and running using only its hind legs.

Meet Putol, a six-year-old dog who was born with only her front legs, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying life to the fullest. This adorable video showcases how she has learned to run on her two front paws with lightning speed, all thanks to her loving owner, Danilo Codilego Jr. Despite her disability, Putol is often seen running alongside other dogs and exploring the side streets and gutters of Casiguran, a neighborhood in Quezon City, Philippines. In Tagalog, her name means “chopped,” but Putol is far from being held back by her condition. She’s an inspiring reminder that anything is possible with determination and love.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the fact that this unfortunate canine has been given the moniker “chopped.” Despite her questionable name, she is beloved in the community for her courage and enthusiasm for life. Danilo, a truck driver in the area, shared how he first met Putol six years ago when she was just a puppy. At the time, Danilo worked at a bakery where a coworker brought in four puppies to sell for 5000 pesos each. While the other pups were quickly sold, poor Putol, with only two legs, was left behind without a buyer.

That remark can really get to you, can’t it? Danilo went on to say that no one thought she would live for very long. But I was the only one who had the guts to look after her. We took risks because we pitied her. And when we tried to name her, all we could think of was Putol. Really? There are so many other great names out there! How about Molly, Coco, or Willow? I can come up with three off the top of my head, my friend.

During the initial two years of her life, Putol was unable to walk; however, she gradually adapted to balancing herself on her front legs and mastered the skill. At present, she actively oversees the property and safeguards her owner with a fierce determination. As per Danilo, Putol performs the role of a guard dog and alerts him by barking if an unknown person approaches. She also becomes jealous when Danilo showers attention on other dogs. Apart from this, she is a friendly and admired member of her community.

I don’t worry about leaving my furry friend alone when I have to go on business trips because she is well taken care of by everyone around her. She is easy to please and enjoys the same food as us. Unfortunately, due to her illness, it’s not possible for her to have any puppies.

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