“Unlikely Duo: Bonding of two charming dogs with unique facial features”

Two cute dogs with significant facial abnormalities form an unbreakable bond as best friends.

Meet Picasso and Newt, two furry friends with an unbreakable bond. Despite their severe facial deformities, these canines live happily on a vast piece of land in Oregon, USA. Picasso, now five years old, was born with a crooked nose, while his new pal Newt, aged one, was left without an upper jaw after his mother attacked him when he was a puppy. Liesl Wilhardt, founder and director of Lovable Dog Rescue, revealed the strong connection between the two dogs. Liesl took Picasso in 2017 when his sibling passed away unexpectedly, and then welcomed Newt into her care in 2021. The duo instantly became inseparable, proving that love knows no boundaries, even among dogs with unique physical features.

Despite the challenges that come with their physical differences and Newt’s health issues, the two of them are living a contented life. We witness their bond through a series of films that capture their everyday routines, from feeding and playing to strolling and picking berries.

Liesl commented on how remarkable it was that Picasso managed to survive as a newborn, considering his difficulties in nursing from his mother. Despite missing an upper jaw, Newt has faced other challenges, but he remains a sociable and attention-seeking dog just like Picasso. People are often taken aback when they first see them and try to figure out what’s unique about these dogs. However, both Picasso and Newt have adapted well to their physical limitations and can still accomplish almost anything they set their minds to without any sign of pain.

Right from the start, Picasso developed a fondness for Newt due to their shared love of playing and wrestling. As time passed, their connection only grew stronger. Personally, I find both Picasso and Newt to be incredibly delightful dogs – full of affection, joy, intelligence, and entertainment value.

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