“Unforgettable Moment: Watch as Blind Cocker Spaniel Sees Owners for First Time Post-Surgery”

Holly Emmerson, along with her husband Bart, adopted a blind Cocker Spaniel named Olive. To restore Olive’s sight, the couple raised $5,000 for her surgery. Holly captured the heartwarming moment when Olive saw them for the first time in a vlog as they headed to the veterinary clinic in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Despite feeling both anxious and excited, Holly could not wait to witness Olive’s reaction to finally seeing her owners in person. After three years of living in darkness, Olive emerged from the vet’s office with a newfound zest for life and an eagerness to explore her surroundings. As she sprinted towards Holly and Bart, Olive could not take her eyes off her owners’ faces as her tail wagged with joy.

Olive, a stray dog, had cataracts and was therefore unable to see for three years

Olive, a stray dog, had cataracts and was therefore unable to see for three years

For three long years, Olive, a dog who didn’t have a home, had trouble with her vision because of cataracts. She was unable to see properly and her condition went untreated.

Owners Holly Emmerson (above) and Bart decided to raise money for surgery so that the pup would be able to see

Holly Emmerson and Bart, the owners, decided to fundraise for their puppy’s surgery in order to restore her vision. The exuberant dog is now enamored with her newfound sight, her focus alternating between her adored owners and the bustling traffic outside. Holly, hailing from Canada, was overwhelmed by the experience of seeing her dog so alert and responsive. The moment the dog appeared around the corner, both Holly and Bart were teary-eyed as it was an emotional moment for everyone. Upon returning home, the dog spent a considerable amount of time gazing out of the window, taking in all the new sights that were available to her.

Holly vlogged the experience of Olive being able to see again. Here, she was explaining her excitement and anxiety before picking up her dog

In her vlog, Holly documented the heartwarming moment when Olive regained her vision. She shared her mixed emotions of anticipation and nervousness as she prepared to pick up her furry friend.

Footage shows Olive bounding over to the pair gleefully and wagging her tail as they embrace her

A video clip depicts Olive joyfully running towards the duo and swaying her tail as they welcome her with open arms.

Holly said: 'We've now launched our own YouTube channel, Holly and Bart, documenting our lives as a trio'

Holly announced that they have started their own YouTube channel, named Holly and Bart, where they will be sharing their lives as a group. After being rescued from the streets of LA, Olive, a black Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with a severe cataract in both eyes. This left her almost blind and requiring an immediate operation that would cost over $5,000. The team at West Coast Cocker Rescue came to Olive’s aid and helped Holly and Bart raise the necessary funds for her surgery. With the support of friends, family and WCCR, they were able to cover the medical bills. Now that Olive has fully recovered, they hope to inspire others with their story and show that no obstacle should stop one from enjoying life.

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