“The Feline-ized Husky: An Endearing Tale of a Dog Raised by Cats”

Meet Tally, a unique husky/malamute mix who has an interesting backstory. Prior to living with her current owner, Reddit user Dong_of_justice, she resided with a cat-loving previous owner. During her first two years of life, Tally was raised alongside several cats, which influenced her behavior and personality. Despite being an adult now, Tally still exhibits feline traits such as sitting with her arms and legs tucked under herself and enjoying basking in the sun like a cat. Interestingly, she also gets excited when given the opportunity to sit in a box. It’s amazing how much a dog’s personality can change depending on their upbringing. Check out some adorable photos of Tally in the gallery below and share this post with your friends!

Her numerous feline mannerisms and stances are quite apparent.

The image that brought her fame depicts her enjoying a cozy spot inside a box, a unique trait she shares with feline friends!

She hardly ever makes a sound, preferring to spend her days gazing out the window, taking in the world around her with a discerning eye.

Despite the prohibition, she has a burning desire to explore the upper floors and will attempt to climb one step at a time in secret.

You can find her comfortably lounging on her preferred section of the couch.

Following the spaying procedure, she was a bit grumpy and spent an entire week cuddled up with a collection of plush toys.

When it comes to mealtime, she has a habit of lounging on your lap until you share some of your food with her.

When she was just 2 years old, they took her in as their own after the previous owners relinquished her.

She frequently finds herself in challenging situations.

Look at her hanging out with her closest pal.

It’s almost impossible to go through a day without encountering some sort of trouble.

Here are some of the different positions she sleeps in.

Being a husky, she naturally enjoys frolicking in the snow.

She has a talent for maintaining equilibrium on top of her head.

Look at her basking in the warm sun, just like a lazy feline.

People frequently stop her owners on the streets just to compliment them on her stunning appearance.

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