The Adorable Sleeping Companion: How Our Rescue Puppy Became Our 8-Month-Old’s Favorite Bedmate

Seven years ago, we adopted a lovable English Pointer named Nora from a rescue shelter. We were amazed at how sweet and gentle she was despite coming from an abusive environment. We knew right then and there that she would be a great addition to our family when the time came. And indeed, she proved to be just that! Now, we have three kids, three rescue dogs, and three rescue cats, and Nora fits in perfectly with all of them. But she seems to have a special bond with our youngest, eight-month-old Archie. They’ve become inseparable, and their supervised communal naps have become the highlight of our day. I decided to capture these moments and share them on my Instagram account to show others how amazing rescue animals can be. We hope that by doing so, we can encourage more people to adopt these wonderful pets and give them the chance to experience love and companionship.

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