“The Adorable ‘Hugging Dogs’ Welcome a New Member to the Pack and Teach Him the Art of Embrace”

Envy and Zain, the Instagram-famous hugging dogs, have welcomed a new member to their family – a rescue puppy named Trek. The dogs’ human mom had been searching for a border collie puppy to adopt from a shelter when she learned about Trek. Trek’s mother was surrendered two weeks before giving birth, and the litter was followed by their new human mom until Trek was brought home at eight weeks old. Envy and Zain have taken a liking to their new furry sibling, and Trek is quickly learning how to pose for the camera like a pro.


The owner was on the hunt for the ideal shelter pup to add to their furry family.


Two weeks prior to giving birth in November, Trek’s mother was relinquished.


“I had the opportunity to witness the litter’s growth firsthand until I finally brought Trek home when he was 8 weeks old.”


Envy and Zain were over the moon about the arrival of their newest family member.


“Zain has a great bond with his buddy, and envy loves to spend time playing with them.”


Taking pictures was fun, but things got even better when I finally managed to teach Trek how to stay still.


Since learning how to remain still, he has become quite skilled when posing for photographs.


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