“Texan Family’s Heartwarming Journey: 12 Hours on the Road to Ensure Their Dog Gives Birth in a Cozy Environment”

The family who took Maggie in knew they had to shield her from the harsh snowstorm that was raging outside. Maggie, a pregnant stray dog, was discovered wandering alone in Fredericksburg, Texas, and was picked up by animal control. The Hill Country SPCA took her in as an expectant mother and found her a loving foster home. Upon arriving at her new abode, Maggie immediately showcased her impressive character, displaying a nurturing demeanor towards the family’s two young children. The foster family recognized the importance of safeguarding Maggie from the severe snowstorm outside.


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Maggie’s foster mom, Aubrey Morgan, was feeling anxious as she had never taken care of a pregnant dog before. In order to prepare herself for the arrival of the puppies, she spent a considerable amount of time researching and gathering supplies. She even watched several videos on YouTube about whelping and collected emergency supplies worth hundreds of dollars. One crucial piece of information that she came across was the significance of keeping the newborn puppies warm. According to her research, if the puppies aren’t kept warm, they won’t be able to digest food and may start fading away.


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Maggie’s family was filled with anticipation as the day of her delivery approached, but unfortunately, a massive winter storm hit Texas and they were left without power. To make matters worse, Maggie began showing signs that her puppies were coming soon. Despite hoping for the power to return before the delivery, the first puppy arrived at 12:30 am on February 16, and the house was growing increasingly cold without any heat. The temperature was in the 50s and dropping rapidly since it was only 1 degree outside. The family decided to move Maggie into the guest bathroom where they turned on the shower to create steam and keep the room warm. Additionally, they boiled water to put into bags to help raise the temperature of the room.


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The couple did their best to keep the newborn puppies warm, but the chilly house made it difficult. They knew they had to take action to ensure the safety of the little ones. After the fourth puppy was born, they realized their efforts weren’t enough. They decided to prepare their car for Maggie and her puppies. Maggie gave birth to her last three puppies in the car, where they stayed for around 12 hours. The couple had promised to protect and take care of Maggie and her puppies when they took her in, and they fulfilled that promise despite challenging circumstances.


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The couple, who were closely observing the family in their car, were simultaneously on a quest to locate a generator that would provide some warmth to their home. They were successful in finding one and relocated everyone back indoors. However, as time passed, the temperature dropped drastically, making it unbearable for their own children. It was then that they made the decision to leave until electricity was restored. Despite knowing that the roads were hazardous, they chose to drive with their family of four, along with three dogs, a mother, and her seven puppies, to the house of Aubrey Morgan’s parents, who had power. They stayed there until Friday, opting for this solution as they believed it was the best course of action.


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After a period of power outage, everyone was relieved to be back in their homes. Even Maggie and her adorable puppies were able to settle down. Maggie proved to be an amazing mother to her brood of seven, whom she affectionately named Daisy, Poppy, Ash, Rosie, Dahlia, Clover, and Aster. Despite the initial chaos, all the little ones are thriving and growing as they should.


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Aubrey Morgan expressed that Maggie, their furry companion, has a gentle and caring nature. It is not only evident in how she takes care of her puppies but also in how she interacts with their two young children who are 2 years old and 9 months old. Morgan is amazed at how Maggie has embraced motherhood and is a natural at it.


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Maggie and her adorable puppies are up for adoption in April through Hill Country SPCA. For now, they’re being looked after by their foster family, who are relieved that the snowstorm and power outages are over. They’re thrilled to have Maggie under their watchful eyes and excited to see how she and her puppies develop into beautiful dogs.



According to Aubrey Morgan, the dog in question is truly remarkable. However, once she is adopted and finds her permanent home, Morgan admits that they will miss her dearly.

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