“Stunning Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Fit Figure in Festive Bikini at Holiday Gathering”

If you’ve had a Christmas where you spent time cleaning up after your Great Aunt’s messy eating of Brussels Sprout soup, constantly refilling your mum’s glass of Bailey’s and cream because you were too lazy to go get more from the store, or arguing with your dad about the accuracy of Santa Claus (the movie), then maybe this content isn’t for you.


Perhaps enviable to most of us, it appears that Jennifer Aniston had a truly enjoyable time during her recent holiday break. Together with her significant other, she jetted off to Mexico and spent their downtime lounging by a pool in Cabo. Coincidentally, Cabo is a destination we have mostly seen on TV shows such as the OC where the protagonists would enthusiastically exclaim, “let’s go to Cabo!” and one of them would inevitably find themselves in hot water due to excessive partying.

Great to know that Justin and Jennifer didn’t have any close encounters with danger in shady alleys. Looks like they had a fun time instead!

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