“Squinty Cutie: Meet the Adorable Stray Puppy with a Unique Look”

Oh, that expression 😍 Imagine a vet in Antigua discovering a small puppy inside a cardboard box just outside his doorstep. The moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was one of a kind. Her adorable squint and wrinkled forehead instantly captured the veteran’s heart. In no time, the vet contacted the Dogs and Cats of Antigua rescue team, who took Faith under their wing. Despite her malnourished state and lack of eyesight, they believed that they could provide her with hope for a brighter future.


Puppy with permanent squint

At Animal Haven, a heartwarming story unfolded when a special needs dog named Faith was given a second chance at life. According to Faith’s foster mom, Kate Venezia, dogs like her are usually put down in the islands due to a lack of adopters and funds for proper care. Fortunately, Dogs and Cats of Antigua took Faith under their wing, covering her medical expenses and even working with the government to ensure she could receive the necessary treatment in the United States. Thanks to their efforts, Faith now has a bright future ahead of her.


Upon Faith’s arrival at the home of Kate Venezia, her foster mom was amazed at her perseverance. Venezia noted that Faith was skilled at maneuvering around the house and used her sense of smell and touch to explore. Despite bumping into objects, Faith remained undeterred and fearless, quickly bouncing back up and continuing on her exploration.


Blind puppy with adorable squint

Kate Venezia had a furry friend named Faith who relied on her sense of smell and hearing to move around Kate’s home. Faith would often curl up on top of her foster mother’s feet as she loved being around people. Whenever Kate was close by, Faith could sense it as she would stick her nose up in the air to sniff around for her. Even if she heard someone making noise in another room, Faith would quickly run to them to play or cuddle.


The rescue center, Animal Haven located in New York City, has completed a thorough medical assessment on Faith and confirmed that she is now fit to find her forever home. Faith’s cute pictures were posted on Facebook by the rescue center and it attracted numerous applications from interested individuals. Despite the long journey Faith has endured, it’s evident that she will finally have a loving owner who will be with her through thick and thin.

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