Shakira sizzles in steamy promotional shots for her latest album

Shakira is promoting her latest album and has released some new promotional pictures. While she recently appeared in a music video with Rihanna wearing very little clothing, these new pictures show her in a range of outfits from suggestive to simple. As a mother and wife, Shakira has managed to maintain a balance between being sexy, sensual, and smouldering without going too far. Fans and record company executives will surely be pleased with the photos.

Looking good: Colombian-born singer Shakira in a promo for her self-titled album

Colombian songstress Shakira is stunning in the promotional images for her self-titled album. In one photo, the 37-year-old wears a bra top that is tied at the front as she teases with an unzipped outfit. She looks sultry and seductive. In another picture, Shakira relaxes in a ceramic bathtub, surrounded by her luscious blonde curls. Her elongated lipstick adds to the sensuality of the image. Shakira looks effortlessly chic in a black and white dress as she rests barefoot on the rim of the bathtub. Her beauty and style shine in every shot.

The mother-of-one and WAG has gone for a more sensual approach to profiling her femininity

The WAG and mother of one has opted for a more seductive approach in showcasing her femininity, as seen in one photo where she dons a tight black sleeved top and stockings without a skirt. However, the pose exudes sophistication as she keeps her legs modestly positioned. What’s remarkable about the photoshoot is that she looks just as youthful as she did when she released her first global single back in 2001. Her tenth studio album titled Shakira will be launched on March 26, which also marks her comeback since motherhood. In 2011, she mentioned her eagerness to write new material and find new sources of inspiration while working with various producers and DJs. She couldn’t wait to return to the studio because her body was craving it.

Stunning: The 37 year-old Colombian looks ageless as she poses in a simple necklace and camisole

Absolutely gorgeous! This Colombian beauty sure knows how to rock a simple look. At 37 years old, she looks ageless and stunning as she poses in a delicate necklace and camisole.

The thigh's the limit: Shakira looks no older than when she launched herself globally ten years ago

Shakira seems to have defied the aging process as she looks just as youthful as when she first became a global sensation a decade ago. Her fans have already been treated to the initial single from her latest album, a duet with Rihanna called “Can’t Remember To Forget You.” Despite referring to Rihanna as a “big diva,” Shakira believes that the Barbadian singer was the perfect choice for the track. While they don’t get to meet up often due to their busy schedules, Shakira describes Rihanna as very down to earth and says that they still exchange text messages frequently.

Career: The blonde beauty has recently confessed that she likes the idea of being a 'WAG'

Professionally: The fair-haired beauty has recently admitted that she’s fond of the concept of being a “WAG.”

Colombian-born singer Shakira

Colombian-born singer Shakira

The artist has expertly combined alluring snapshots with straightforward profile pictures to present a more complete and diverse persona.

Scantily-clad: Shakira appeared alongside Rihanna in her latest music video, Can't Remember To Forget You, and admitted her boyfriend Gerard Pique approved of the footage

Shakira and Rihanna made headlines with their collaboration in the music video Can’t Remember To Forget You. The former admitted that her boyfriend Gerard Pique was pleased with the footage despite the raunchy appearance of both singers. Shakira and Rihanna remain friends and keep in touch through texting, although they are currently living in different places. Gerard Pique has recently prohibited his girlfriend from featuring attractive males in her music videos; however, he approved of her collaboration with Rihanna. When Shakira asked for his opinion, he found it great and elegant.

Beautiful game: Shakira admits that football is a huge part of her life with Barcelona's Gerard Pique and she expects their 14-month-old son Milan to follow in his father's footsteps

Football is an integral part of Shakira’s life, especially because her partner is Gerard Pique, a player for Barcelona. She believes that their 14-month-old son Milan will also develop a passion for the game, just like his father. In other news, Shakira and Rihanna have released a sneak peek of their upcoming music video.

Shakira, the popular singer, has opened up about her relationship with Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique. The couple has a 14-month-old son named Milan and Shakira admits that she enjoys being the girlfriend of a soccer star. She even proudly proclaims herself as a WAG and is happy about it. Shakira first met Pique after his victory in the 2010 World Cup with Spain, where she recorded the tournament’s official song, Waka Waka.

Football lover: Shakira performed at the closing ceremony for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, a tournament for which she recorded the official song, Waka Waka

As a football enthusiast, I remember Shakira’s electrifying performance during the closing ceremony of the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa. Her song, Waka Waka, became the official anthem for the tournament. Recently, Shakira expressed her admiration for football players and their demanding lifestyle. She compared her partner, Pique, to a soldier who devotes all his time and energy to the team. Shakira is excited to support her boyfriend and her country’s team in the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. Despite being a renowned singer, the doting mother hopes her son Milan will inherit his father’s passion for football instead of following her footsteps in showbiz. Even though Milan has already made his TV debut on The Voice US, where Shakira is a coach, she believes he will become a great footballer like his dad.

Day job: Shakira is a coach on the US version of The Voice, on which her baby son made an appearance last year

Shakira currently has a gig as a coach on the American edition of The Voice. Interestingly, her baby boy also made a cameo appearance on the show last year.

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