Selena Gomez’s Kind Gesture: Refusing ‘Camp Rock’ for Demi Lovato’s Opportunity

Although their current relationship may be complicated, Selena Gomez and her fellow star were once supportive of each other’s careers. In fact, Selena had the opportunity to take on the lead role in Disney’s hit film ‘Camp Rock’ but ultimately turned down the offer for a significant reason. David DeLuise, who portrayed Selena’s father on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place,’ disclosed the details of what occurred during the pre-production phase of the movie.

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It’s common knowledge that Demi Lovato and Selena were best friends for a long time. They met while filming ‘Barney’ and bonded even more during their teenage years. They both found success around the same time and even acted together in ‘Princess Protection Program.’
However, when it came to casting for ‘Camp Rock,’ Demi really wanted to play the role of Mitchie Torres, as it would be a huge opportunity for her. Despite rumors about their complicated relationship now, they were very supportive of each other’s careers back then. In fact, Selena turned down the role so that Demi could have it instead.

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During an interview with ‘Wildchat Sports’, DeLuise shared a story that he had never revealed before. He mentioned that Selena Gomez was offered the role in ‘Camp Rock’ but she declined it knowing that if she passed on it, her friend Demi Lovato would get the part. Selena and Demi knew each other from their time on the show Barney together. Though Selena was the first choice, she wanted Demi to have the opportunity to play the role instead.

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