“Red Hot Beach Day: Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost soak up the sun in matching swimsuits at the Hamptons”

Scarlett Johansson and her spouse Colin Jost had a delightful break from their concerns during their recent trip to the Hamptons. The celebrity couple took pleasure in some quality time together in the sun and on the water, accompanied by some close friends. Scarlett donned a gorgeous wine red bikini that highlighted her beauty and grace. She looked fabulous in her swimsuit attire, featuring a low-cut bikini top and high-waisted bottoms that complemented her physique. The stunning actress also wore a white baseball cap to protect her lovely complexion from the sun’s rays.

Red-y or not! Scarlett Johansson wowed in a wine red bikini while relaxing on board a boat with her husband and several friends off the coast of the Hamptons on Friday

Scarlett Johansson looked stunning in a burgundy two-piece swimsuit during a boat trip with her husband and friends off the Hamptons coast last Friday. The actress completed her look with fashionable sunglasses and a gold pendant necklace. Scarlett seemed to have a great time chilling with her buddies while sipping on a refreshing beverage. While one of her companions enjoyed the sun and went fishing, the Hollywood star sat on the deck and snapped photos of their exciting summer outing. Her joyful demeanor was evident as she smiled from ear to ear, fully enjoying their adventure on the water.

Boat loads of fun! The actress basked in the sunshine in a wine red bikini

Toweling off: She wrapped a navy blue towel around her waist as she hung out on the deck

What a blast on the boat! The performer soaked up some rays while wearing a gorgeous burgundy swimsuit.

Keeping connected: Despite enjoying some fun in the sun, she was still connected to her phone

Staying in touch: Even though she was having a great time soaking up the sun, she remained connected to her mobile device.

Throwing shade: The beauty was well-protected against the sun with a cap and pair of shades shielding her

Throwing shade: The beauty was well-protected against the sun with a cap and pair of shades shielding her

The lovely person was fully prepared for the bright sunlight, donning a cap and sunglasses to protect themselves from harmful rays.

Rest and relax! Johansson admired the ocean views as her friend topped up her tan beside her

Take a break and unwind! Johansson enjoyed the breathtaking ocean sights while her companion sunbathed next to her. But it wasn’t just relaxation for Scarlett because she also indulged in some high-octane jet skiing on the water. She was geared up with a blue life jacket while she explored the vast waters. Meanwhile, her partner Colin had an equally thrilling experience on the waves as he tried his hand at hydrofoil surfing. Dressed in blue trunks, a life jacket, and a helmet, the Saturday Night Live actor gave the extreme sport a go.

Fun in the sun! Scarlett beamed with happiness as she captured the fun on her phone as a friend went fishing

Scarlett was ecstatic under the bright sun as she snapped photos of her friend enjoying a fishing trip on her phone.

Hydrate: She enjoyed a canned drink as she relaxed in the sun

Quench your thirst: While basking in the sunshine, she savored a refreshing beverage from a can.

Leggy lady! Scarlett put on a leggy display as she climbed upstairs

Scarlett flaunted her long legs as she ascended the staircase.

Kicking back! The actress took a seat on the staircase

Relaxing moment! The female performer sat down comfortably on the steps.

Let's do this! Scarlett explored the high seas on a jet ski

We’re in for an adventure! Scarlett took to the high seas and explored the waters on a jet ski. Colin also tried his hand at riding a surfboard but unfortunately had a wipe-out. Despite this, Scarlett effortlessly dove into the water like a pro. The couple has been happily married for two years and are proud parents to Cosmo Jost, while Scarlett also has a seven-year-old daughter named Rose Dorothy with her ex-husband, French journalist Romain Dauriac. In August of 2021, it was confirmed by her representative that Scarlett had recently given birth to her son with Colin.

Making waves! Jost ditched the shirt as he stood at the edge of the boat

Jost went shirtless and confidently stood at the boat’s edge, causing ripples in the water.

H2-Whoa! Colin tried his hand out at some hydrofoil surfing

Wow, Colin decided to give hydrofoil surfing a shot!

Happy camper! Scarlett cast a smile as she topped up her tan

Happy camper! Scarlett cast a smile as she topped up her tan

Scarlett is a happy camper as she enjoys her summer break, topping up her tan. Her SNL co-star Jost recently announced on Instagram that they had named their new baby boy Cosmo and jokingly directed enquiries to their publicist. However, Scarlett’s break will come to an end soon as she is set to star in the upcoming film The Sea Change, which will mark Kristin Scott Thomas’ directorial debut. The film is based on a 1959 novel and follows a London playwright and his sickly wife as their marriage takes an unexpected turn on a remote Greek island. Although it is assumed that Scarlett will play Lillian, her role has not been confirmed yet. The project was first announced in 2017 with Mark Strong and Anya Taylor-Joy in talks to co-star, but the cast has since changed. The film’s script was written by Rebecca Lenkiewicz and produced by Thorston Schumacher.

Giving it a go! The Saturday Night Live star wore blue trunks, a life vest, and helmet as he attempted the sport

Giving it a go! The Saturday Night Live star wore blue trunks, a life vest, and helmet as he attempted the sport

Trying something new! The actor from Saturday Night Live donned a pair of blue swimming trunks, a life jacket, and a helmet as he gave the adventure sport a shot.

Now it's his turn! Jost also jumped onto the jet ski

It’s time for Jost to take his turn! He hops onto the jet ski as well.

Come on in, the water's fine! Colin dove perfectly into the water

Jump right in, the temperature is just right! Colin executed a flawless dive into the pool.

Family matters: Scarlett and her husband Colin have been married for two years and share one-year-old son Cosmo Jost together. Scarlett also shares daughter Rose Dorothy with French journalist ex-husband Romain Dauriac

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, who have been married for two years, are proud parents to their one-year-old son, Cosmo Jost. Scarlett also has a daughter, Rose Dorothy, from her previous marriage to French journalist Romain Dauriac. The happy family recently enjoyed some fun in the sun, with Scarlett stunning in a red bikini.

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