“Meet the Hugging Hero: A Golden Retriever Who Spends 2 Hours a Day Spreading Love on Her Walks!”

Oh my goodness, this pup is absolutely heavenly! Golden Retrievers are renowned for their gentle and amicable nature, making them the ultimate family pet in the eyes of many dog enthusiasts.

Meet Louboutina, the famous golden retriever from Chelsea, NYC. This lovable pooch has gained quite a following for her endearing habit of hugging strangers on the street. It’s no wonder that golden retrievers are such a beloved breed – their unconditional love and friendly nature make them simply amazing companions. Louboutina, affectionately named after a well-known French shoe designer, spends at least two hours each day spreading joy through her hugs. It’s no surprise that this furry celebrity has captured the hearts of many with her charming personality.

According to her 45-year-old owner, Fernandez-Chavez, taking a walk with his dog is not an ordinary stroll. It’s a walk filled with warm embraces that have brightened many people’s days. Some of them have expressed that if they had a rough day at work, a hug from the pup is just what they needed to lift their spirits. This sweet and charming dog has stolen many hearts.

According to him, the story dates back to Valentine’s Day in 2014 when Loubie noticed her owner feeling down after a relationship ended. She began holding his hand with both paws and crossing one over the other as a sign of comfort. He jokingly mentioned to his friends that he had someone to hold hands with on Valentine’s Day.

Fernandez-Chavez has come to the realization that his furry companion’s affectionate nature is something that the world as a whole could benefit from.

Who doesn’t love hugs? This dog is a great example of how humans should be more affectionate towards one another.

How lovely is your inner being! I hold a deep affection for you.

It would be wonderful if human beings exhibited the same level of kindness as this gorgeous canine.

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