Lonely Puppy Rescued from the Rain: Urgently in Need of Care and Attention

Animal Aid Unlimited was caught off guard when they got a distress call about an injured canine. Upon arriving at the scene, they spotted the dog limping and shuffling in distress down the street. They were alarmed to see a wire wrapped tightly around his throat, slicing through the skin and exposing muscles.

The team responsible for rescuing the individual had to resort to using a net to secure him. The urgency of the situation meant that they could not take any chances with him potentially escaping, as this would have resulted in fatal consequences.

Once the rescue squad brought him back to Animal Aid, the medical team went ahead and conducted the necessary procedures for his recovery. They eliminated the wire and administered life-saving procedures which consisted of antibiotics, wound care, IV fluids and pain relief measures.

According to the veterinarian, the extent of damage caused by the wire to the poor animal’s neck suggests that he must have been in excruciating pain for several weeks. It’s hard to fathom the suffering he endured during this time.

It’s quite remarkable that he was able to muster the energy to keep searching for nourishment and hydration despite suffering a serious injury.

Fortunately, they were able to save this beloved boy named Sage just in time. They not only helped him overcome his suffering but also returned his precious life to him.

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