Lonely Pooch Left Heartbroken as Owner Sells Home Without Saying Goodbye.

After selling the property, the previous owner heartlessly abandoned his dog, Oscar, on the streets. Despite this, Oscar remained hopeful and believed that his family would come back for him as he considered the place his home. Unfortunately, after waiting for months at his front door, Oscar’s owner never returned. Nonetheless, Oscar remained a sweet and loving dog.

Oscar was fortunate to have caring neighbors who took turns feeding him, and even made friends with a fellow feline from the neighborhood. Despite this, he still pined for his family and felt unhappy without them. Thankfully, a group of rescuers learned of his plight and came to his aid. Despite the heartbreak of being abandoned, Oscar remained a beloved and gentle soul. In the end, the Love Furry Buddies stepped in and took him under their care.

The furry little creature was taken to a veterinary clinic for some TLC, where he was bathed and given treatment for parasites. Once he was feeling fresh and clean, he was whisked away to a nearby pet-friendly salon for some extra pampering. With his fur all fluffed up and looking his best, he was then taken to the beach for some fun photo ops.

A lovely family was instantly drawn to Oscar and decided to adopt him without delay. Presently, Oscar is living the life of his dreams alongside a delightful Yorkie and an amazing family.

With their help, he was able to share his story on social media, and it quickly gained a lot of attention. These lovable children are sure to find new homes soon!

Love Furry Friends has shared a heartwarming video that tells an amazing tale.

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