Jealous Feline Steals Baby’s Birthday Gift, But The Family Gets Creative To Resolve Conflict!

It appears that this adorable cat has become envious of the grandchild’s constant attention. In fact, he went as far as to take possession of the baby’s birthday gift! As shared by a user on reddit, their parents’ cat is in a continuous competition for attention with their grandchild. The situation took an amusing turn when the feline claimed the little one’s birthday present.

The grandparents came up with a great solution to solve the problem at hand. “They decided to purchase a special $30 chair for their grandchild to use, and this seemed to be the ideal solution.”

Let me share with you the story of this cat. Initially, he was owned by my brother who had to keep him as a secret pet in his Air Force dorm. However, after some time, someone of higher rank found out about it and my brother had to surrender the cat to the humane society. This left my brother devastated, and he immediately contacted our parents to inform them of what had happened. Being empty nesters, they decided to adopt the cat and contacted the humane society for assistance. The cat was eventually flown across the country to live with our parents.

Over time, Dexter was able to capture his father’s affections. Nowadays, my dad spends countless hours speaking with him and spoiling him with extravagant gifts, such as his very own set of furniture. It’s safe to say that he treats Dexter like a little kid.

My father spoils our cat to the point of being its personal attendant, and they have become the closest of friends. I am convinced that he prefers the company of our feline over most human beings.

Oh my goodness, how cute!

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