Heroic Dog Sacrifices Its Life to Protect Infant from Cobra Attack, Leaving Us Heartbroken.

A courageous and heroic pet dog passed away after valiantly battling a lethal snake to shield its owner’s baby girl from a venomous bite. Video footage captured by security cameras placed outside the residence in Kidapawan City, Philippines, reveals two black and white canines attacking the cobra. The first to spot the reptile was Moxie, a two-year-old white dachshund who began barking at it as soon as it slithered into the front yard through the gate. Following this, Miley, the black dachshund, picked up the monacled cobra in its mouth.

The video depicts two brave dogs taking turns attacking a snake. One of them bites its tail while the other mauls its head. The intense fight lasted for two minutes and ended with the cobra’s death, but unfortunately, Miley, one of the dachshunds, sustained severe bites and didn’t survive. Moxie, on the other hand, was left blind due to the snake’s venom.

Last Friday, something happened that caused quite a stir. A dachshund owner’s baby daughter who was just one year old, named Skye, was sound asleep in the house when it all went down. Skye’s dad, Jaime Selim, later explained that he and his wife, Pauie, only found out about the incident after they had returned home.

According to Jaime, he and his wife were out for work when their helper informed them of an incident that was captured on camera. Although they were taken aback by what happened, they couldn’t help but feel proud of their dogs who protected their baby Skye. Jaime expressed his gratitude towards his furry friends for their heroic act and stated that their absence would be deeply missed. Subsequently, they promptly took Moxie, one of their dogs, to a veterinary clinic where she received medical attention. Fortunately, Moxie’s life was saved, but she lost her sight as a result of the injuries sustained.

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