“Good Samaritan Angel Rescues Stray Dog During After-School Commute”

In Brazil, Mayane Rodrigues witnessed a heartwarming scene on a rainy day from her apartment window. A young girl walking home from school stopped on the sidewalk and set down her umbrella, backpack, and jacket. Rodrigues then noticed a stray puppy at her feet, who was soaking wet from the rain. The girl picked up the puppy and cradled it in her arms, continuing on her way. Moved by this sight, Rodrigues recorded a video and shared it with a friend, who then shared it with a neighborhood group. Rodrigues was able to learn the identity of the girl, Cibely Stiegelmair, who is only 13 years old and had saved the life of the stray puppy that day. It was an emotional moment that happened quickly, but it left a lasting impact on those who witnessed it.

Rejane Stiegelmair was surprised to see her daughter, Cibely, arrive with a puppy one day. Cibely was drenched in sweat and rain, with blood on her shirt. Rejane was worried that Cibely had gotten hurt, but Cibely explained that she had found the injured puppy. Luckily, the puppy’s injuries were not severe and with some love and care, it could easily recover. Cibely knew that she couldn’t leave the puppy alone and took it upon herself to offer the care it needed.

According to Rejane Stiegelmair, Cibely is an individual with a compassionate heart who sympathizes with stray dogs. In fact, if Cibely had the opportunity, she would bring each of them home. One of these fortunate strays, appropriately named Pretinha by Cibely, has been warmly received into their family’s residence.

The story of Pretinha’s rescue from the sidewalk is shrouded in mystery, but what’s certain is that Cibely’s heroism has given the dog a new lease on life. Her parents couldn’t be prouder of her bravery, and this act of kindness has only strengthened their admiration for her.

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