Gal Gadot’s Leggy Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Leaves the Host Flustered while Promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

During Tuesday night’s show, Jimmy Kimmel found himself in an awkward moment when Gal Gadot, the star of Wonder Woman, asked him to evaluate her breasts. Though he could have used the term “Wonder-Full,” he was left blushing by the direct question. Gadot, who is set to debut as Wonder Woman in this month’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, did not hesitate to ask for a critique of her curves.

She looks great! Gal Gadot explained to Jimmy that comic book fans had been commenting on the size of her chest when she stopped by his show on Tuesday

Wow, Gal Gadot is stunning! During her appearance on Jimmy’s show on Tuesday, she shared that some comic book enthusiasts had been chatting about the size of her breasts.

Say what? Kimmel was when Gadot questioned him about her breasts

Kimmel got embarrassed after Gadot brought up a topic concerning her chest.

Red-faced: The flustered host shielded his face in embarrassment

Blushing with embarrassment, the host covered his face to hide his discomfort.

Leggy display: The head-turner arrived at Kimmel Live on Tuesday in Los Angeles with an entourage

Upon her arrival at Kimmel Live in Los Angeles accompanied by her entourage, the stunning celebrity caught everyone’s attention with her long legs. In the course of their conversation that lasted only 90 seconds, she surprisingly asked the host Jimmy about his thoughts on her breasts when he confessed to being a “comic book nerd.” At first, Jimmy was taken aback by her question and blushed before composing himself and complimenting her on her great physique. The reason behind her sudden inquiry was due to comments from comic book fans who had previously commented on the size of her chest. She had previously brushed off comments that her breasts were too small, recognizing that it was impossible to please everyone.

Wonder-full? Just 90 seconds after starting their conversation, the actress suddenly asked Jimmy: 'What do you think about my breasts?' after he confessed to being a 'comic book nerd'

In just a minute and a half into their chat, the actress surprised Jimmy by asking for his opinion on her breasts. This came after he shared that he was a fan of comic books.

Revealing: She also explained to Jimmy that she got very cold on set while filming Batman v Superman thanks to her skimpy Wonder Woman outfit

During a conversation with Jimmy, she shared that she had experienced extreme cold while shooting for Batman v Superman due to her Wonder Woman costume being too revealing.

Classic: She channeled Hollywood glamour with a strong-red lip, keeping the rest of her make-up game simple as she appeared on the chat show

Revised: The stunning actress exuded old Hollywood charm with a bold red lip while making an appearance on a talk show. Her makeup was kept minimal, allowing the lip color to be the standout feature. She flaunted her toned legs in a short lace dress adorned with large white and yellow daisies. Her eye-catching lemon yellow heels perfectly matched the dress and accentuated her impressive physique, which she achieved through intense training for her latest role. She wore her lustrous brown hair in loose waves with a side part that framed her beautiful face.

Stunning: The Furious 7 actress wore her glossy brunette locks in a side-parting with a loose wave framing her pretty features

Absolutely gorgeous: The talented actress from Furious 7 sported a stunning look, with her lustrous brown hair swept to one side and adorned with loose waves that perfectly complemented her beautiful features.

The beauty put on a leggy display in a bottom-skimming lace dress

It featured giant white and yellow daisies

As the season of spring arrived, the beauty flaunted her long legs in a dress made of lace that reached just above her bottom. The dress was adorned with large daisies in shades of white and yellow, adding to its charm.

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