“Gal Gadot discusses why she took up the role of Queen Cleopatra in her latest project”

Gal Gadot, a stunning Israeli actress, has revealed her long-standing admiration for Cleopatra and her desire to portray the Egyptian queen on the silver screen. The announcement of her role in an upcoming historical film about Cleopatra’s life caused quite a buzz last October. In a personal post, the former Miss Israel expressed her excitement about working on new projects and bringing compelling stories to life. She stated that playing Cleopatra had been a dream of hers for some time, and she couldn’t wait to take on the challenge.

The news that Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins collaborated on two “Wonder Woman” movies has created a buzz among fans. However, some sections of the public have expressed their concerns about the choice of actress for the role of Cleopatra, as the character is of African descent. Many people are advocating for a black actress to be cast in the role, and some have even criticized the decision, calling it an example of “whitewashing,” an issue that has plagued Hollywood for decades. In the past, actresses such as Claudette Colbert, Vivien Leigh, and Elizabeth Taylor have played the part of Queen Cleopatra, despite not being of African descent.

In a recent interview with BBC Arabic, Gal Gadot addressed the controversy surrounding her upcoming role as Cleopatra. The actress clarified that Cleopatra was actually Macedonian and they were searching for an actress who fit the image of the queen. However, she admitted that she has always been fascinated by the Egyptian queen. Gadot also mentioned having friends from all over the world.

There is a diverse group of people that come from various races and religions. However, what matters the most to me is the people themselves. Miss Israel 2004 shared her aspiration to pay tribute to the queen’s historical heritage, who she deeply admired through her work. She added that making this movie is possible for anyone.

The actress affirmed her determination to carry out her personal project with enthusiasm. It was Gal Gadot’s brainchild, envisioned in a grand manner that drew inspiration from her previous work on the Wonder Woman movies. She enlisted the talented Patty Jenkins as director. Despite fierce competition from industry giants like Apple, Universal, Warner Bros., and Netflix, Paramount secured the rights to distribute the film, as reported by Deadline.

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