Gal Gadot announces third pregnancy with adorable Instagram post: “Here We Go Again”

Gal Gadot, widely known for her role in Wonder Woman, announced on Monday that she is expecting her third child. In a heartwarming post, the 35-year-old actress shared a photo of her husband touching her baby bump as she donned a white silk negligee. Gadot and her husband Yaron Varsano have been married since 2008 and are parents to two daughters, three-year-old Maya and nine-year-old Alma. With her latest announcement, the family is about to welcome a new addition soon.

Baby #3: Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot revealed on Monday morning that she is pregnant with her third child

Gal Gadot, the actress who played Wonder Woman, shared on Monday morning that she is expecting her third child. She even added a heart emoji to the announcement note. Interestingly, she appeared to be pregnant during the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night as she wore a breezy white dress that concealed her midsection. Despite the outfit, she displayed her well-toned legs and served as a presenter. Since 2008, Gadot has been married to Yaron Varsano, and they have two daughters, Alma (aged nine) and Maya (aged three).

With child: The star looked like she could be pregnant on Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards as she wore a loose white dress that covered her midsection

The Hollywood celebrity appeared to be expecting as she stepped out on Sunday for the Golden Globe Awards, donning a flowy white attire that concealed her belly.

No hiding it: The star also flashed her very toned legs as she served as a presenter

There’s no denying it: she also revealed her well-toned legs while presenting. Her husband and kids made an appearance in the previous Wonder Woman movie’s ending scene. In December, Gadot appeared in Wonder Woman: 1984, expressing her gratitude for being cast as the superheroine during film promotions. She didn’t disclose to anyone that her costume was difficult to breathe in when she tried it on for the first time. The actress shared that her excitement for the role overshadowed any concerns she had during her initial fittings.

Her one and only: Gadot has been married to Yaron Varsano since 2008 and together they have daughters Maya, aged three, and Alma, aged nine

Gal Gadot, the famous actress who played the iconic role of Wonder Woman, has been happily married to Yaron Varsano since 2008. Together they have two beautiful daughters, Maya and Alma, aged three and nine, respectively. According to her interview with OK! magazine, Gadot found it uncomfortable in the beginning to wear the Wonder Woman costume. Two days after being cast for the role, she was brought to Michigan for fittings. She walked into a room filled with images of her as Wonder Woman and was then brought to the fitting room to try on the costume. Despite the costume being incredibly small and tight, Gadot didn’t complain and instead expressed her gratitude for being given the opportunity to play such an iconic character.

At home with her husband and her two kids: The star was reading Natalie Portman's Fables

While at home with her husband and children, the celebrity was engrossed in reading Natalie Portman’s Fables. In the new movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, her character’s costume received a golden upgrade. Although pleased with its appearance, Gadot admitted that the costume was not comfortable or practical. Despite this, she deemed it worthwhile to wear for the film. She expressed her excitement when the director showed her the outfit and how it looked. However, she also knew it would not be easy to wear. Even though the costume was not practical, Gadot believed it was worth the pain and discomfort. It was announced last December that both Gadot and Patty Jenkins are officially joining forces for ‘Wonder Woman 3’.

Many years ago: Though they wed in 2008, they first became an item in 2006

Years ago, they started their romance in 2006 before officially getting married in 2008. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have found success with the release of Wonder Woman 1984, both in theaters and on HBO Max. This has led to the announcement that Patty will return to direct the third movie in the DC Extended Universe franchise, with Gal reprising her role as the titular superheroine. Warner Bros. CEO Toby Emmerich expressed his excitement in a statement, saying that they are thrilled to continue Diana Prince’s story with the “real-life Wonder Women” who will conclude the long-planned theatrical trilogy. According to Warner Bros., Wonder Woman 1984 achieved a strong opening weekend performance, earning an estimated $16.7 million domestically at the Christmas box office, making it the best debut since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sequel has since earned $85 million worldwide.

Her hit movie:: In December Gadot came out in Wonder Woman: 1984. And when promoting the film she said she was so 'grateful' to be cast as Wonder Woman, she didn't tell anyone she couldn't breathe in her costume during her initial fittings

Gal Gadot, the star of the hit movie Wonder Woman: 1984, expressed her gratitude for being cast as the iconic superhero, despite struggling to breathe in her costume during the initial fittings. The confirmation that Patty Jenkins would direct the third installment of the series came after she had earlier expressed doubt about her involvement, citing the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the film industry. While a story had already been developed by Jenkins and Geoff Johns, the director acknowledged that much had changed in the world, and therefore, she was uncertain about the project’s future. She added that she was trying not to fall in love with anything and considering what Wonder Woman would do in the current world situation. Recently, Gal Gadot revealed that she is pregnant with her third child.

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