From Scars to Smooches: The Incredible Transformation of a Rescued “Fighting Bait” Dog

A dog that was used for dog fighting and was left with half of her face missing has found love after she was adopted. Haddie was severely attacked by fighting dogs in an illegal operation, which caused her skin to decay and flake off. As a result, she had to undergo multiple surgeries, leaving her with only one eye. Erin Williams, who lives in Washington, D.C., was intrigued by Haddie’s distinct appearance, and they now live together happily. Haddie has made tremendous progress, as she is no longer afraid of other dogs and loves playing in the park. Erin expressed how thrilled she is to see Haddie’s transformation and happiness. Erin discovered Haddie on in August 2020, and since then, she couldn’t resist providing her with all the love and care she deserves.

After being rescued from a dogfighting ring, Haddie was brought to Mutt Scouts in South California by a kind-hearted stranger. Although only two years old, Haddie had injuries all over her body, with her face bearing the brunt of the damage. A veterinarian pointed out that her injuries and behavior were typical of a “bait dog” used by dogfighters to train fighting dogs. Erin, a staff member at Mutt Scouts, mentioned that they didn’t know much about Haddie’s past experiences in that world, but it is possible that the dog fighters repeatedly subjected her to attacks from their fighting dogs to toughen them up. In Erin’s words, “In these cases, all of the dogs are victims.” Erin and Haddie formed an unbreakable bond after being matched together by Mutt Scouts, which completely transformed both their lives. Since Haddie’s true birthday was unknown, Erin decided to celebrate it on January 19th, Dolly Parton’s birthday.

Erin initially described Haddie as a kind and silly dog, but the poor pooch had a strong fear of other dogs. Being exposed to the sound or sight of another canine resulted in uncontrollable shivers. To help Haddie overcome her deep-seated phobia, Erin called upon the expertise of a dog trainer. Their strategy involved feeding Haddie hot dogs while introducing her to a dog in the distance. Gradually, they moved closer until Haddie associated dogs with feelings of safety and affection. Erin credited Haddie’s personality, intelligence, and resilience for the success of the process. Nowadays, Haddie enjoys romping around the local park with other dogs and even does a little hop when excited to go outside.

According to the narrator, Haddie is quite the socialite. Erin mentioned that the pup loves people and craves attention, often seeking ear rubs from anyone around. While Haddie requires sunscreen on her scars and nose when heading out, she’s just like any other furry friend you might meet. People tend to take notice of her distinctive appearance and ask questions, but Erin says the reactions haven’t been as bad as she initially anticipated.

Most people have responded positively to Erin and her dog, showing warmth and kindness. According to Erin, Haddie’s vibrant personality is infectious and impossible not to love. Although there have been a few instances where individuals have given them negative reactions, Erin believes that those people are missing out on the opportunity to know Haddie. The dog has also played an essential role in helping Erin cope with depression. Haddie reminds Erin to take walks and is always ready for a relaxing afternoon nap.

Erin established social media accounts for Haddie on Instagram and TikTok. According to Erin, her followers have shown her how kind-hearted people can be. She expressed gratitude for the encouraging and thoughtful individuals she has connected with through the platform.

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