“Crisis for a Siberian Husky: Forced to Consume Rocks in Fear, Urgently Requires Assistance”

Mathieu Letourneau and Guillaume Lefevre came across a Siberian husky while driving, but were unsure if it was a coyote, wolf or dog. Unlike other drivers who passed by without stopping, the couple decided to pull over. “I made the decision to turn around and when we got there, the dog was lying down and had given up – it could barely move,” said Letourneau. “It was starving and in desperate need of warmth.”

As the duo approached Willow, they offered her a Subway sandwich, which she eagerly accepted from their hands. The sight of the neglected Siberian husky left them both in disbelief. The dog was covered in dirt and knots all over her body, emitting an unpleasant odor. Based on her appearance, it seemed like Willow had spent her entire life outside in harsh conditions.

Lefevre commented on how Willow appeared to have been in a brawl. However, it’s important to note that she isn’t a stray dog who has been fending for herself outdoors. Instead, she belongs to a college student who resides in Coquitlam and is in his twenties.

The BC SPCA was informed by a concerned neighbor who recognized the dog shown in media footage as belonging to their neighbor. After investigating, animal cruelty investigators believe that they have sufficient evidence to charge the owner with animal cruelty under both the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. The small dog, estimated to be between one or two years old, weighed only 15 kilograms when discovered on January 31st. This is considerably less than the normal weight of around 24 kilograms for a dog her age and breed.

Experts from the BC SPCA have shared that the rescued dog, Willow, was only a day away from possible death. Luckily, with proper therapy and support, she is on the road to recovery. According to Eileen Drever, the senior animal protection officer, Willow’s condition was so dire that she could barely stand when she was found. It’s a strange coincidence that Letourneau shared his desire to adopt a rescue pet with a friend just before rescuing Willow. He had recently moved to a pet-friendly home, making the timing ideal. Adding to the coincidence is that Willow is the perfect breed for Letourneau.

As a husky enthusiast, I was initially searching for a pooch that resembled the breed. Currently, I am in talks with the BC SPCA about accepting Willow, but she needs to receive proper care first. Reflecting on the situation, my partner and I feel grateful that we happened to be in the right place at the right time. Despite not frequenting the area where we came across Willow, it was only our second visit to Maple Ridge. Giving her another opportunity fills us with joy.

Assuming the adoption is successful, Letourneau plans to provide Willow with a life filled with outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, and trips to the lake. As a resident of Whistler, he considers it a dog’s paradise. Supporters of Willow are optimistic that she will experience a little bit of heaven after enduring a traumatic experience. After receiving extensive care in a foster home, Willow finally found her permanent home in March. It seems that this tragic story will have a happy ending.

According to Dawn, Willow, who has a new owner, is doing great. She’s pleased that the cat has gained weight and her fur has grown back. They’ve put her on a raw food diet that seems to be working wonders for her sensitive stomach. Willow, as per Dawn, is an affectionate and gentle creature with a beautiful tail. She also likes lounging around, snuggling with her stuffed toys, spending time with her family, and going out for walks.

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