“Brave Officer Paddles to the Rescue: NJ Dog Saved from Muddy Pond in Kayak”

In Washington Township, New Jersey, a police officer heroically saved a dog that was neck-deep in the muck of a pond. Upon receiving a call about a dog in distress, officers arrived to find Akela, a gray boxer/mastiff, struggling in the water. Officer John Kuligowski quickly took action and used a nearby kayak to reach the stranded dog. The exciting rescue was captured on video and shows Kuligowski trying to maneuver the kayak next to Akela and guide her to safety. Although he was unable to pull her aboard, he successfully helped her reach the shore. Chief Thomas Cicerelle and officer Dallas Overko also assisted in the rescue efforts.

Akela, a canine in Washington Township, had a scary experience when she got loose and ended up in a pond. Fortunately, three kind rescuers were able to save her and bring her back to shore safely. After the ordeal, Akela was in good spirits and even took some photos with her rescuers before being turned over to Animal Control Solutions. As of yet, no one has come forward claiming to be Akela’s owner, so the police are asking anyone with information to contact Animal Control Solutions or the Washington Township Police.

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