Adorable Scene as Canine Swoops in to Save Girl from the Waves

Witness an amazing moment when a dog attempted to rescue a young girl who went underwater while playing in the sea. Matyas, the loyal pooch, acted quickly by grabbing his owner’s granddaughter’s shirt and pulling her towards the shore in Gouville-sur-Mer, France. However, there was a twist – the little girl was not in danger and was merely having fun in the water.

The video shows Matyas the dog attempting to rescue a young girl who was happily playing in the sea. The little girl can be seen enjoying herself, giggling and kicking her feet up in the water. However, things take a scary turn when a wave crashes over her face, causing Matyas to become very concerned for her safety. He quickly latches onto her top and pulls her towards the beach until they are out of harm’s way. It’s only once he sees that she is safe that he lets go.

Thankfully, the young girl was completely unbothered and found the situation amusing, laughing throughout the entire experience. The video was captured on August 3 and has gone viral across social media platforms. It has already surpassed one million views and has been widely shared by individuals who adore dogs.

On Twitter, a person expressed amazement at how the animal reacted as soon as the waves hit. The individual even went ahead to say that the animal was quite smart. Another user commented on the loyalty of animals by calling them the perfect babysitters.

Matyas’ cleverness didn’t amaze everyone. One person even joked that going to the beach with him might ruin the fun as he may end up pulling you out of the water all the time. The breed of Matyas is still uncertain, but people online have speculated that he could be a Sarplaninac, Leonberger, Keeshond, or Newfoundland dog.

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