“Abandoned Pooch: Discovering a Canine Left to Fend for Himself in the Wilderness”

Dogs are well-known for being loyal companions to their human friends. They show gratitude in many ways for the love and care they receive, but unfortunately, not everyone reciprocates this friendship. A heart-breaking story that highlights this is that of Larry, an 8-year-old dog who was abandoned by his family when they moved away. Left with nowhere to go, Larry took shelter in a parking lot near his former home. He survived on scraps of food thrown to him by kind drivers who passed by. It’s a reminder that we must be responsible pet owners and always treat our furry friends with the love and respect they deserve.

A delivery driver created an Instagram account solely for a cute dog named Larry, which led to his story reaching the president of Love Leo Rescue, Sasha Abelson. Thanks to her and a team of volunteers, Larry was transported to Los Angeles to receive necessary medical care.

The elderly canine’s belly was distended, even though he hadn’t had consistent nourishment or hydration in several months. Additionally, his legs were bald in certain spots and he had trouble walking. To make matters worse, Larry had been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, which is the result of a benign tumor on the pituitary gland.

Even though the pooch appeared melancholic, he still wagged his tail gratefully towards his saviors, who were determined to rescue him. Gradually, Larry started recuperating and after six weeks, he was fit enough to be adopted. However, his chances of finding a permanent abode were hindered by a couple of factors.

Larry has been adopted three times but each time he was returned to the rescue due to unfortunate circumstances. He needs a monthly medication that costs approximately $180, which might discourage potential adopters from bringing him home. Despite this, Larry is a lovable dog who deserves a forever home.

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