A Heartwarming Story of a Paralyzed Dog Finding a Forever Home and Never Losing His Joyful Spirit

Meet Ward, a dog who has faced many hurdles in life. Starting off as a stray, he was already facing difficulties, but things took a turn for the worse when he was hit by a car and left paralyzed. His injuries were severe, especially to his back legs, leaving him unable to move. However, Ward was lucky enough to be rescued by some kind-hearted individuals who gave him a second chance at life. Since then, Ward’s life has changed significantly, and he is now a happy pup who loves nothing more than wagging his tail. He brings so much joy to those around him, and his presence is truly uplifting.

In the first month of the year, something remarkable happened at the McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The center received a report about a dog that was injured and found beneath a vehicle. Ward, whose breed was unknown, was discovered in a pitiful condition under the car, with dirt and motor oil covering his body.

Even though Ward was in a tough state, he continued to remain optimistic. This lovable canine, who was approximately 6 years of age, had unfortunately experienced trauma resulting in the loss of function in his back legs, tail, and bladder. Despite this setback, the staff members at the center were impressed by his positive attitude and often wished that he could wag his tail. Lauren Mann, the advancement director of the organization, mentioned that Ward had an endearing personality and always wanted to make friends with everyone. The staff believed that if he could wag his tail, it would be in constant motion.

McKamey Animal Center partnered with DallasDogRRR, a group that focuses on rescuing difficult cases, to kickstart Ward’s road to recovery. His cheerful demeanor instantly captured the hearts of his caregivers, and he began adjusting to using a wheelchair as a means of mobility.

According to Mann, the guy had a cute face and he always appeared cheerful whenever he saw anyone. Even when he was going through a tough time, he would make an effort to show his appreciation through happy taps with his front feet. He was also very affectionate and would give kisses to his favorite people while expressing his excitement verbally.

McKamey Animal Center reported that Ward has been making steady progress with his physical therapy, which includes hydrotherapy sessions in an underwater tank. Despite his initial inability to stand, he is now able to stand on his own for short periods of time while also attempting to use his back legs while in his wheelchair.

In the month of July, Ward was finally adopted by Kellyn and Matt Murphy, a lovely couple from Chattanooga. They were immediately drawn to Ward’s cheerful demeanor and quickly bonded with him during an adoption event. The couple was also pleased to see that Ward got along well with their other furry companions, which solidified their decision to bring him home and make him a permanent part of their family.

The McKamey Animal Center reported that the dog they rescued was delighted to be out in the lobby interacting with people and exploring his new surroundings. The person who spoke about the dog’s behavior mentioned that he was very friendly and affectionate and quickly approached them. She also shared that the dog had a great rapport with other dogs and blended in well with their pets.

At the McKamey Animal Center, Ward has been receiving support from Kellyn, a physical therapy assistant. She has been working hard to help him recover by designing a standing frame for him to practice supporting his hind legs and using a sling to aid his mobility. Thanks to their dedicated efforts, Ward has made remarkable progress and even wagged his tail for the first time!

According to Kellyn from McKamey Animal Center, her pet occasionally performs the activity, but its frequency is increasing. She observed that since her pet’s legs are gaining strength and it wags its tail more often, she doesn’t have to help it urinate frequently as well. Therefore, she believes her pet’s overall health is improving.

The McKamey Animal Center witnessed an emotional moment when the Murphys and the staff saw Ward wagging his tail. Both parties were filled with tears of joy as they saw how Ward had progressed in terms of his strength and bladder control. As he becomes more accustomed to his new home, Ward’s bond with his family and their pets grows stronger. Show your support for Ward by liking and sharing his story, and don’t forget to check out our homepage for more fascinating tales about animals.

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