A Devoted Pair: Male Pit Bull Refuses to Be Separated From His Beloved Mate, Despite Adoption Offers

Kathryn Birster and her husband were devastated when their beloved dog passed away after nine years of companionship. They had no plans of adopting another dog anytime soon due to their grief. However, fate had other ideas. One day, Kathryn stumbled upon a post from Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia on her Facebook timeline. ACCT Philly was looking for a home for two pit bulls who were inseparable. The male pit bull had many interested adopters, but the female pit bull didn’t receive as much attention. Kathryn noticed the comments on the post and began to worry that the dogs would be separated if no one adopted them. She shared the post with her husband and they discussed it for a few days. Kathryn revealed to The Dodo, “I was watching all of this play out on Facebook and my heart was breaking all over again that these two who clearly needed to be together might be separated.”

The Birsters had to give a lot of thought before finally deciding to visit the pit bulls. Eventually, on March 14, 2014, they headed off to ACCT Philly and had their first encounter with the two canines. It was love at first sight as the Birsters hit it off with the dogs instantly. They spent some time with them, and it was evident that they couldn’t leave them behind. So, after tearfully completing the adoption process, they brought their furry friends home that very night, as shared by Kathryn.

The Birsters welcomed two pit bulls into their home and gave them the names Gus and Nina. The dogs adjusted well to their new surroundings and were full of energy and joy. Additionally, they were grateful to have each other’s company. Kathryn shared that she realized Gus would have struggled without Nina as she is his source of comfort and stability. In the event that Gus had been separated from Nina during adoption or fostering, he would have spent his days searching for her. Although Nina is slightly more independent, she would have missed her playmate.

After three years of having Nina and Gus as part of their family, the Birsters cannot fathom life without them. Kathryn frequently posts photos on their Instagram account to showcase the two dogs’ exciting escapades. It brings immense joy to see how much Gus and Nina relish running around and playing outdoors.

One thing they love to do is take a nap together!

Kathryn and her spouse have a fulfilling life with their beloved pets, Gus and Nina. They embark on exciting escapades and share an abundance of affection. The Birsters have given their furry companions an exceptional and permanent abode.

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